media bias check chrome extension

Media Bias Check Chrome Extension

The Media Bias Check chrome extension by Politic Nation is free and is included in the free member subscription. The chrome extension allows subscribers to generate news bias ratings on any articles visited on the web, with just one click.

With the Media Bias Check extension, subscribers can immediately obtain the bias rating for any article that they visit. You can view the bias rating, how the news source leans/portrays politicians and political policies/issues mentioned. All article media bias ratings are based on the latest data science and analytics.

★ Bias Rating

Bias scores are on a scale of -100% to 100% with higher negative scores being more liberal and higher positive scores being more conservative, and 0% being neutral.

★ Politician Portrayals by Media

The media portrayal of politicians show how positively or negatively the news source portrays the politician. Negative and positive sentiment scores are on a scale of -100% to 100% with higher negative scores showing in a more negative light and higher positive scores showing in a more positive light.

★ Policy Leanings

Individual policies and sentiments towards those policies will show how the author portrays or mentions a policy in its articles and how the average reader interprets it.

★ For Educators, News Agencies, Politicians, and Everyone Around the World

The extension is made for people who are interested in learning or teaching students about media biases in the news and how these can affect someone’s perception of the news. We give you actionable insights into how you might read the news and understand what is going on behind the scenes.

★ Get started

The extension requires an account you can create immediately after the installation. As of now, all bias ratings are free with the extension.

By installing the extension, you agree to Politic Nation’s Privacy Policy (

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